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Malé Maldives is the capital and most populous city in the Republic of Maldives. Some of our clients that visited Maldives actually extended a day to take a visit to Malé island. Together with our clients that have been to Malé, we bring you the top 7 things that you can do in Malé island. We will run through some Malé Maldives hotels although we recommend you to stay at Hullamale instead.

With a population of 133,412 and an area of 5.8 square kilometres, it is also one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The city is geographically located at the southern edge of North Malé Atoll. Administratively, the city consists of a central island, an airport island, and two other islands governed by the Malé City Council.

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Maldives International Airport

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Malé city is right next to the international airport island. Maldives is made up of many islands. The international airport is on one island together with the speedboat piers and seaplane terminal where one get to transfer to the individual resorts. 

In the past, the only way to get to Malé island is via Dhoni (small boat) but now there is a new bridge connecting the airport island to Male island. Choose the Dhoni ride for an unique experience. 

Maldives Dhoni Ride

What is there to do at Malé Maldives ?

I recommend just spending one day in Male island will be sufficient. Some key places of interest

  • Fish Market
  • Fruit Market
  • Tsunami Monument
  • Shopping at Majeedhee Magu Road / Chaandhanee Magu Road
  • Man made beach
  • Friday Mosque
  • Local Food


Maldive Male City fish market

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This is one place where you can get an authentic feel of Maldivian culture. Fishing is the 2nd largest industry after tourism. The fishermen will sell off their daily catch in this local fish market. 


Maldive Male City fruit market

Fruit market is the place where the local producers showcase their produces.


Taken from Maldives Times

The Tsunami Monument was built to remember the beautiful people that were taken away by the natural disaster. The tsunami affected nearly 1/3 of Maldives’ population, damaged houses and structures. The government has since marked 26th Dec as a day to remember the spirit and solidarity shown by the Maldivians during the disaster. 


Maldives Shopping

In Malé island, there is a main tourist shopping area known as Chaandhanee Magu and also Majeedhee Magu road. Do not expect big shopping malls with international brands but more like getting small gifts like coral beads, post cards, magnets, local fashion etc. 


There are two man made beaches in Male island. This is a place you can have a quick dip and take away the heat and to chill around. Do take note that Male has very strict Muslim law and it is against the law to sim in a bikini. You can read more on the “no nos” on our 7 tips for first timers at Maldives airport


Friday mosque is the oldest and most sacred place in Malé island. This is a very unique mosque with traditional carvings and art forms on it. This is a must see if you visit Malé island. 

Maldives Friday Mosque


Malé has some nice resturants and cafes. Do pay a visit to their local tea house for a taste of their local food. As fishing is their 2nd biggest industry, seafood in particularly tuna is a big part of their local diet. Do note that coffee and tea usually have a lot of sugar in it. You can also visit their cafe and resturants in Male. Some good ones here

a. The Sea House
b. Belle Amie Bistro
c. Seagull cafe house 

Male Island Food

Malé Maldives Hotels

There are quite a few Male hotels. Personally we have never recommended our clients to stay in Male but if you like, you can check out the following

  • Hotel Octave – 4 stars based on 250 review in tripadvisor
  • Hotel Jen Male – a popular hotel and rated 4 star by 719 reviews in tripadvisor
  • The Beehive – rated 4 stars by 137 reviews in tripadvisor


All in all, Malé is worth a short visit if you have the time to spare either before or after visitng the luxurious Maldives resorts. Go Malé to enjoy the Maldivian culture. The people are friendly and nice. The whole city can be visited on foot. Malé island do not have pubs or bars or any fancy night life as it is a strict Muslim country. 

Usually some of our customers will extend a day and stay an extra night at Hullumale and take the chance to visit Male island. 

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Maldives Male Sunset