By The Lazing Wanderer – 15th Apr 2021

APAC Insider Award 2021 The Lazing Wanderer

2020 was an extremely disruptive year. For businesses, it was debilitating, particularly in the travel industry (including us). Most agencies have closed their doors; some folded. And even until now, with the crippling effects of the pandemic stretching out, we continue to grapple for survival.

Indeed, these trying times are distressing. Yet to receive an award for Best Holiday Tour Operator from Apac Insider is a great honor. It empowered and gave us a sense of fulfillment for the hard work and dedication that we have put forth. It also affirmed the right decision we made to carry on with the business at a moment when shutting down was the only rational course of action.

We are ecstatic about the recognition. And in the hopes of inspiring you, please allow us to share our story on this rewarding journey.

Our struggle started at the outbreak of coronavirus. While many companies succumbed and yielded to its global and massive impact, we opted not to buckle under and close down. But instead persevered, innovated, followed local authority guidelines, and moved our business online. Our team came together virtually in Apr 2020 to discuss how to kick start some activities and inject energy back to travel matters again. Below is the summary of what we have done:

  1. Apr 2020 – Started discussing with our various partners in the Maldives to produce a fun and light-hearted video to encourage our customers to dream about traveling again in the future. You can watch is HERE
  2. May 2020 – Re-engaged our partners in the Maldives to craft (win-win-win) packages for our market. At that time, most of our partners in the Maldives are still closed. But we manage to get one partner onboard. Our (win-win-win) package includes heavy discounts, allowing amendments, and a flexible travel schedule up to the end of 2022. It is a win for the customers, a win for the team, and a win for our partners.
  3. June 2020 – Began selling the package. It was slow initially, but sales picked up towards the end of the month.
  4. June/July 2020 – With this positive outcome, we started to engage more partners in the Maldives to lay out their similar yet distinct packages.
  5. Aug 2020 – Our team participated in online travel trade shows / online courses to keep ourselves up to date on relevant trends in the industry.

We are very thankful to our customers who trusted and bear with us. We have managed to retain most of the 2019/2020 bookings. And to fully support customers who need to cancel their travel packages, we remained contactable and reachable throughout.  

At the onset of COVID19, companies started to evolve digitally. Given that we operate as an online travel agency, to begin with, we already have a head start in this. So with more time on our hands, we strengthened and further improved our digital blueprint – SEO, social media engagement, digital marketing, and others.

Fast forward to today, our business is still fully operational – active in solidifying our online reach. Plans are on the way to expand operations in Malaysia, the Philippines, and India. Network and infrastructure are readily set up in these places and just waiting for the right time to launch it.   

With the ongoing vaccination, hopefully, we will start to travel freely again. For now, may we all remain steadfast and optimistic. Revolutionize our businesses while we await. And just like in every storm, there is always a silver lining behind these dark clouds. Let us keep on as difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.


APAC Insider’s independent judging panel takes into consideration all supporting documents provided and supplied by the nominees. These then are compiled into a case file along with any other relevant information that we might have. Also, our dedicated researchers are on hand to prepare a case file on behalf of the nominees via merit-oriented research into public domain sources. Awardees must demonstrate expertise within their given field, dedication to client service and satisfaction, and commitment to excellence and quality.


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