Wondering When is the Right Time to Visit Maldives

WONDERING WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO VISIT MALDIVES? By Kayreen & Manuel – 21th Oct 2021 The Maldives is an archipelago country well-known for having over 1000 atolls dotting the Indian Ocean. The enchanting islands are framed by turquoise seas and lagoons, making it a perfect and irresistible location for snorkeling, diving, or just […]

10 Things To Do In Malé – The Island Capital Of The Maldives

10 Things to do in Malé the island capital of the Maldives _

10 THINGS TO DO IN MALE The Island Capital Of The Maldives By Win & Manuel – 25th Sep 2021 Located at the southern edge of North Malé Atoll, Malé is one of the smallest national capitals in the world – with an area of 5.8 square kilometers and a population of approximately 150,000. It […]

Thriving Marine Life in the Maldives


THRIVING MARINE LIFE IN THE MALDIVES By James Lee – 9th Sep 2021 “The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves …” – Wyland, Marine Life Artist In itself, the topography of Maldives is already a breathtaking sight to behold, with idyllic white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and luxurious resorts. But what is even more […]

Maldives is Ideal for Families with Children too!

Maldives resorts

Maldives is Ideal for Families with Children too! By Kareen & Manuel – 26th Aug 2021 Many people stereotyped the Maldives as a honeymoon-only destination or still think of it as solely for dreamy romantic wedding scenes. However, tides have since changed. The region has evolved and is continuously improving to accommodate a wide range […]


OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI - Aerial - Ocean Pool Suites

OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI MALDIVES Interview with Rainbow Huang – 18th Jul 2021 In light of the ongoing vaccination effort against coronavirus, more countries are now gradually classifying Covid 19 as an endemic. With this optimistic development, online searches for a 2021 holiday break have grown by as much as 40%. Popular queries are places having […]

Swimming With Giants

Swimming with whale sharks

SWIMMING WITH GIANTS By Shi Xin Wu – 3rd Jun 2021 Hanifaru Bay, Baa Atoll Maldives       Amidst this seemingly endless Covid-19 pandemic, people are now seriously deprived of exhilarating travel adventures, awe-inspiring tours, and warm welcomes in visiting distant friends and relatives. Many of us are eagerly looking forward to our next trip and taking […]


Maldives Book Now Travel Later

先预定,再旅行 English 先预定,再旅行如何运作?   选择你的度假酒店 我们有许多度假村正在进行“先预定,再旅行”的促销活动。请务必查看我们的促销活动,如果您对任何一个度假村有任何疑问,请与我们的销售团队联系。审查各度假村的限制日期和条款及条件。   付款/订金 一旦您选定了度假村,请与我们预约开放日期。我们会把发票寄给你,您可以相应付款。付款后,我们将寄给您一份代金券,您可以在准备旅行时兑换此代金券。   准备好出发 一旦您准备好旅行,请再次与我们确认您的旅行日期与别墅类型的预定情况。一经确认及完成预定,您须缴付余下款项(如适用)。我们建议您至少提前45天确定您的旅行日期。   航班 我们鼓励客户在确认有房间后才预订机票。 5.    条款和条件 必注意不同度假村的条款和条件。我们的定价是透明的,但不同的度假村有不同的预订期、限制日期和旺季的额外费用等。如果您不确定,请与我们友善的销售人员接洽。如需更多信息,请与我们联系。 “先预定,再旅行” – 这划算吗? 从2020年4月开始,The Lazing Wanderer与度假村合作伙伴一直紧密合作,以尝试重新开始旅游业。我们希望在像现在这样的危机时刻为我们心爱的客户提供最佳的度假促销。 我们花了一些时间来编制一个特定的度假村价格。我们从2018年开业以来就开始跟踪价格。通常,开业促销总是最有吸引力的,因为度假村刚刚开始准备欢迎客人的到来。 从图表中可以看到,这个度假胜地于2018年开始了开业促销活动。价格在2019年开始上涨,并在2019年和2020年“达到顶峰”。粉色条表示现在预订的同一度假村的价格,此价格与2018年的开业促销活动相比更具吸引力。 请联系我们以获取更多问题或信息。 更多“先预定,再旅行”的促销活动 Facebook Instagram Whatsapp Envelope Pinterest

All About Book Now Travel Later

Maldives Book Now Travel Later

ALL ABOUT BOOK NOW TRAVEL LATER PROMOTIONS By The Lazing Wanderer – 14th Sep 2020 HOW DOES BOOK NOW TRAVEL LATER WORKS?   Pick your resort We have many resorts with book now travel later promotions going on. Do take a look at our promotions or simply check with our sales team if you have […]

Radisson Blu Resort Maldives

Radisson Book Now Travel Later Promotions

Radisson Blu is a world class upscale hotel brand that is no stranger to most of us. The hotels and resorts are known for their stylish design and prime locations. Radisson blu has a tag line – “Feel the Difference”. They focus on creating a memorable and stylish stay for their customers. The good news […]


The Residence Dhigurah

THE RESIDENCE DHIGURAH English 哪里是马尔代夫最好的度假胜地? – The Lazing Wanderer的另一篇文章介绍了Gaafu Atoll的 The Residence Dhigurah。 您可以在这里阅读更多其他度假村: Kuramathi Maldives – Experience living in a overwater villa BEST RESORTS IN MALDIVES – OBLU BY ATMOSPHERE RESORTS Noku Maldives – A newly renovated resort Movenpick Ice Cream ! 双岛 = The Residence The Residence Dhigurah 2019年6月向公众开放. 距马尔代夫国际机场约55分钟国内航班。它几乎位于马尔代夫的尽头;你可以想象国内航班非常风景。在开始国内航班之前,机场休息室会有一个短暂的等待。 Residence Dhigurah酒店拥有一个姐妹岛,位于Gaafu Atoll […]