It’s going to be your honeymoon trip, family trip with friends or small children, or perhaps a trip to simply just get away from work for just a couple of days.

As a rule of thumb, in my humble opinion, I would encourage to plan for a Maldives trip as early as 3-6 months ahead from your intended travel dates. There are 2 main reasons to do that. 

You are more likely to have more varieties of resorts/rooms to choose, as some of the most popular resort would start to fill up their rooms as early as 3 months ahead for low seasons and 6 months during high/festive seasons. This would be especially true it the resort has just a small amount of rooms

Most Maldivian resorts tends to have promotions, starting as early as 6 months prior to you travel date. There is normally a validity date for booking, as well as “Early bird” booking 90 days prior to your planned trip. Thus, in order to enjoy the promotion to the fullest, to enjoy the early bird offers, a 4-6 months planning ahead would be the best options.

Maldives Holiday


There are currently over 100 island resorts and probably equal numbers of hotels and guest houses in Maldives. 

What lazing Wanderers are offering here are mainly Island resorts where individual resort establishment are on an island or groups of islands. We do offer overnight hotels in Huhulmale (Maldives airport extension island) for travelers arriving at night.

Some of these island resorts are reachable by speedboat, to nearby atolls such as North Malé and South Malé atolls.

Other island resorts would probably need a seaplane, domestic plane + speedboat transfers, typically to those atolls that would require more than 1 hour speedboat transfer.

Maldives Holiday Packages


Here with The Lazing Wanderer, we will help to plan your trip, book your dream island resort’s room and arrange for the necessary transfer option for you. 

We aim to connect your transfer, and stay, in the Maldives effectively, cutting down on your waiting time and maximised your time spent in the resorts.

Get in touch with us and we will show you how to do that. Contact us today !