Interview with Rainbow Huang – 18th Jul 2021

OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI - Aerial - Ocean Pool Suites

In light of the ongoing vaccination effort against coronavirus, more countries are now gradually classifying Covid 19 as an endemic. With this optimistic development, online searches for a 2021 holiday break have grown by as much as 40%. Popular queries are places having vast spaces like beach resorts, nature getaways, campervan experiences, etc.

Rainbow Huang OZENOur team will begin a series of blogs to introduce the Maldives – an archipelago in the Indian Ocean with over 150 resort islands and many atolls. The majority of the islands adopt the “one island, one resort” concept, making it a safer destination for tourists.

Today, we have the pleasure to interview Rainbow Huang from OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI, the second resort by THE OZEN COLLECTION that opened its doors last December.

“The addition of this resort to THE OZEN COLLECTION is a brand extension of our dreams, which became a reality. It offers a rustic indulgence blended with Maldivian nature – the sun, sand, and swaying palms. OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI is a luxurious lifestyle resort immersed in an exotic Indian Ocean hospitality.“ says Rainbow Huang, Assistant Director of Sales of the resort. 

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself? About your career and your journey to your current role?

I am Rainbow Huang of THE OZEN COLLECTION. I have been with the company for over two years. My professional career in the Maldives started in 2010. And because of my profound affection for blue skies and clear ocean, I plunge into various kinds of resort working life without second thoughts and not minding the position level. I even worked in a travel agency for three years to gain a new perspective of the Maldives. But finally, I landed on my present job and found my niche – the right fit for me and the one I enjoy the most.

I understand that this is a newly opened resort. What is the concept behind OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI? How does it differentiate itself from other Maldives’ resort offerings?

OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI epitomizes relaxed, uber-luxe island living with grand spaces, access to sun-kissed ocean fronts, and gourmet dine-by-design experiences. Each of the 90 villas and RESERVEs will provide guests absolute seclusion, with a private swimming pool and direct beach or lagoon access. Its crown jewel, the “Royal RESERVE” brandishes 3,500 square meters of unmatched luxury and elegant living for a blissfully immersive stay. 

Is OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI just for couples only, or does it cater to family? Are there some activities for children?

Our resort caters to both families and couples (honeymooners). We have dedicated areas (separate sections in restaurants, two different swimming pools, room location) for guest’s varying needs. Diverse activities for children below and above ten years old are available, and for teenagers as well. From indoor fun like board games, darts competitions, and puzzles; to outdoor frolics and entertainment like dance activities, football, table tennis, movie screening, face painting, and even culinary workshops for the young ones. Another must-experience highlight of our resort is the ice rink, the first of its kind in any Maldives resort. Guests can step out from the turquoise blue water and into a pair of skates to pirouette around the vistas of powder-soft beaches and blue skies all at once.

Will all guests be offered THE RESERVE PLAN? Can you tell us more about this meal plan and its other perks?

Yes. THE RESERVE PLAN is an elusive and exclusive holiday plan given to the Luxury Traveller, the VERY BEST of Maldives — and that is YOU! No Surprises, No Shocks, No Hidden Extras – ALL INCLUDED in ONE Price! There are no other meal plans or packages needed. The Plan INCLUDES IN-VILLA DINING for Private Ocean RESERVEs with Slide, Sunset Earth Pool RESERVEs, and Royal RESERVE.

What are the villa types available in OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI and the most popular among customers? Which is your favorite and why?

We have 31 Earth Pool Villas, 5 Sunrise Earth Pool Pavilions, 6 Sunset Earth Pool RESERVEs, 30 Ocean Pool Suites, 9 Ocean Pool Suites with Slides, 7 Private Ocean RESERVEs with Slides, 1 Royal RESERVE.

As for what is popular, different guests (such as families, honeymooners) have their preferences, but many (including myself) love the villas with slides. The unique experience of sliding into the ocean is so much fun and unforgettable. As you enter the water, you may even find some fishes, turtles & baby sharks around, just waiting for you to play with them.

So far, what has earned the most positive comment from customers? Is it the meal plan, the villa type, the food, or anything else?

Our staff usually receives the highest commendations from guests – appreciating their genuine hospitality and remarkable service. Another aspect that has gotten positive feedback from customers is our generous RESERVE Plan.

Has the Covid Pandemic affected the resort?

Yes, the Covid pandemic adversely impacted not only us but the whole tourism industry around the world. OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI had difficulty getting started considering that we are a newly branded resort in the Maldives. Until now, most nations (such as Singapore and Malaysia) are still under travel restrictions. But things are getting better recently with more people traveling. The positive feedback and reviews are extremely beneficial to us.

What are some of the Covid safety measures in place at the resort now?

We have inspected and elevated all aspects of resort operations to deliver uncompromised service in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) health and safety protocols. In line with these endeavors, we have partnered with Diversey, a global pioneer in cleaning and hygiene solutions.

What is your best advice for someone visiting the Maldives?

  • While you are at our resort, stay active and keep exercising. Otherwise, you will likely gain weight 😊 with the unlimited delectable food & bottomless drinks that we serve.
  • Clear your mind, relax, and take pleasure in doing nothing. Fall in love with walking, cycling, and enjoying the island’s great natural beauty.

Contact us for more information and on our exclusive package with OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI MALDIVES

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