By Chuen Buan, Lee – 9th Mar 2021

Campervan Trip in Perth

Known as Australia’s most isolated city (far from everything compared to the East Coast), Perth has, in recent years, become a not-so-hidden gem on the West Coast. It has transformed into an exceptionally refreshing holiday destination, having a relaxing feel and casual vibe. With a backdrop of the Australian outback in the periphery and at the outskirts, the Indian Ocean, the region brings forth the stunning trappings of a scenic adventure from Land Down Under’s sunniest metropolis.

The cityscape is now a popular getaway for tourists seeking to go around, exploring remote areas via public transport. However, if you want to break free from mundane means, another exciting option is through a motorhome. It satisfies both cost and convenience (allowing a fluid schedule), ideal for family vacations or globetrotting friends.

Check out this campervan travel information and tips in Perth to help you steer with ease and stay clear of hassles along the way. May you have a thoroughly enjoyable trip soon! 

  1. Motorhomes cannot be parked anywhere 

There are designated parking areas for motorhomes. You need to strategically plan either by searching online or asking the local information center. One place that you can stay for the night is at a campervan park where you can charge the motorhome, refill fresh water, dump human waste, etc. Other facilities such as baths, laundry are available as well. You can even enjoy a fun BBQ night with family or friends. Examples of reputable campervan parks – Discovery Parks and Big 4 Parks

  1. Book your target campervan park in advance

Traveling via campervan offers a more flexible itinerary. You can drive and stay wherever you are – making time for those candidly beautiful encounters. However, during peak season, parks tend to be fully booked. It is best to plan and book the campervan park ahead.  

  1. Campervan parks usually close early

Most of the motorhome park closes at 5/6 pm daily. If it is your first time at a park and “check-in” assistance is necessary, please be there early. Call and inform them beforehand in case you will be late. Park assistants will place your “check-in” keys in a safe box.

  1. All Drivers! Bring your actual driving license

All motorhome drivers must provide a current full motor vehicle driver’s license and personally present them upon vehicle collection. For a “non-English” driving license, it has to be accompanied by an accredited English translation. Check with your preferred campervan provider for more information.

  1. Get a “newer” vehicle if possible

Some motorhome providers offer options to rent a “less than 1-year” vehicle with a top-up. New and latest models have lower chances of breaking down – you do not want to be stuck in a foreign land waiting for help to arrive. Big motorhome providers include Maui Perth, Britz Perth, Apollo Perth.

Campervan in Perth
  1. Perth has strict traffic laws

There are many traffic enforcers in Perth. Please drive in adherence to the speed limit. Also, child restraints are required. Book them in advance to avoid encumbrance.

  1. Insurance

All campervan and motorhome rentals have basic general insurance. And its excess can cost up to AUD 7.5k, depending on the rented vehicle’s age and size. For ways on how to reduce the extra amount, consult your provider.

  1. Avoid driving in the dark

In Perth, when night falls, it can be very dark, especially on routes with no road lamps. And the sun can set very early, depending on the season. Plan your course and buffer more time from start to endpoint to avoid traveling at night.